The Business Angel Investor

The modern Business Angel Investor

Business Angels now days are just as likely to be young successful entrepreneurs as well as the more traditional experienced business investor looking to invest into fast growing start-ups.

With bank interest rates so low, the property market uncertain, and the stock exchange fragile, investing into sound young businesses can be both fulfilling and rewarding.

The advent of the celebrity entrepreneur, with shows such as Dragon's Den and the Apprentice, have made starting a business popular today for everyone. Many will be taking their first steps into finding funding, or providing funding for a business, whilst others will be old hands.

We aim to build a store-house of useful free information for business angel and entrepreneur alike, if there is something you think is missing or have a specific question, just let us know.


Business Angel likes & dislikes

Quotes from business investors Business Investor quotes

" Financial Forecasts not being professionally prepared.
Insufficient sales/market information and analysis.
Inadequate mapping of the two above demonstrating how the financials will be achieved"

"I want to see a clear, succinct (one page, ideally) Executive Summary followed by a good market analysis (who is the customer and why), clear differentiation and a believable sales plan."

"Work done to show it will be successful helps, but then I have just agreed to invest in a couple with no company yet set up, had not fully worked out capital needed or marketing strategy, yet business idea was sound and they are 'nice' people."

"My main bone of contention is lack of preparation and smartness. People should be passionate about the business and also prepared for the interview. I am fairly traditional and I expect them to be well presented - a suit is a must for men! Even if I was meeting someone who wouldn't need to wear a suit to work I would expect him to be in a suit."

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Investment information

Preparing for Investment

You normally get one chance when presenting to an Investor - make sure you've done your homework.

Business Angel Knowledge

Resources and help for YOU the Angel Investor.